The Foxboro Beer Machine comes with three carbonating bottles: two single serving bottles to make one Foxboro brew per fill, no measuring required(!); and one 1 litre bottle for general use.

The Foxboro Beer Machine is ready to go, right out of the box!


The Foxboro Beer Machine is designed to make the perfect carbonated water for use with your favorite Foxboro Brew concentrate. Using the easy grip lever you can adjust the level of carbonation to suit your taste and style of beer.

The Foxboro Beer Machine sits on your countertop or bar ready to go without the need for electricity or batteries. The elegant European design is inspired by pub-style draft beer taps, and adds a unique design object to your kitchen, bar, rec room, poolside, or wherever you go.

The Foxboro Beer Machine, manufactured bu Kohl+Frisch, uses standard consumer CO2 cylinders available for home carbonation devices, available in 15 oz. (makes approx. 120 beverages) and 3.9 oz. (makes approx. 40 beverages) capacities. Note the Foxboro Beer Machine ships with one 3.9 oz. CO2 Cylinder included.