The soda maker on your kitchen counter can now make instant beer

Marlton, New Jersey (August 1st, 2016) Foxboro Brewing Company has developed a beer flavor concentrate that works with your home soda machine to make instant beer. Made following traditional brewing techniques, Foxboro’s “Western” American Lager concentrate has a true beer taste and the regular alcohol content, but takes less that 15% of the space of regular beer.


Following the success of home appliances made by companies like Sodastream™, consumers can now buy a range of flavorings to add to their carbonated water. But, unlike the mostly soda–pop type offerings, Foxboro’s brewed flavoring is targeting a new adult market segment. The alcoholic “Brew Concentrates”, were developed by Armin Prahst, one of the founders and the Chief Brewing Officer at Foxboro Brewing Company. Prahst was trained at the Technical University of Munich, at Germany’s historic Weihenstephan Brewery, the oldest continuously operating brewery in the world, making beer since 1040 AD. Just like traditional beer making, Foxboro’s process does not use any heat reduction techniques, the pure flavors and aroma are meticulously extracted from traditional brewing ingredients. Foxboro’s concentrates are packaged in a tamper proof single serve packages ready to snap open to add to a cold glass of carbonated water.


Foxboro developed their new product line to appeal to environmentally conscious consumers, who appreciate the reduced packaging, lower waste and transportation impacts. According to Prahst “Foxboro is perfect for modern condo living in urban areas, as well as outdoor lifestyles — anywhere that space and transport are at a premium — all without sacrificing the taste of your favorite beverage”. Four packs of Foxboro “Western” American Lager are currently available for sale online through U.S. liquor distributors.




About Foxboro Brewing Company: Foxboro Brewing Company produces a variety of Brew Concentrates in different styles of beer, as well as ingredients for beer cocktails and organic flavoring extracts. Brew Concentrates are available in single serve packets and 1 liter bottles. Founded in 2014, Foxboro is defining a new category within the spirits marketplace, with the aim of producing a fresh take on adult refreshment, convenience and environmental stewardship. (For further information and press image resources, please visit  Foxboro: “Make it Like You Like It”